Winter is here

Winter is here and summer is a distant memory. It isn’t all bad though. Sure the bright sunny days and evening picnics are long gone, but with drawn-out nights and pitch black mornings comes more opportunity to reach potential customers.

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Marketing Automation to Propel your business

Learn how Marketing Automation can propel your business to success.

With the growth in the use of the internet and e-commerce in business today, we’re also seeing a whole new world of marketing techniques. As the saying goes, ‘if you snooze, you lose’, and this has never been truer especially with digital marketing.

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spitifre retargeting campaigns

A simple strategy to get 70% more sales

Consumers are 70% more likely to convert on your website from a smart retargeting campaign.

One technique that is being increasingly used by digital marketers is retargeting but it’s widely underused by New Zealand companies and they’re missing out on sales opportunities.

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Top 50 Instagram Hashtags

Everyone loves adding a hashtag (#) to their social media posts. Some so much they completely over do it. However who are we to judge. Below is a list of the top 50 Instagram hashtags right now. Love them or hate them. #love is number 1 with 946,635,984 posts.

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spitfire creative resource lead generation

Lead Generation – GET RESULTS!

Sometimes marketing is a bit like detective work, you have to follow leads in order to get results. Lead generation allows businesses to gather contact information from potential customers and use it to communicate with them directly in the future.

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