How Much of my budget should i spend on digital marketing?

As digital marketing gathers pace worldwide, companies are increasingly having to dedicate a higher percentage of their marketing budget on specifically digital marketing. According to’s Marketing Budgets Report 2015, digital marketing budgets are set to reach an all-time high. The report also explains that marketers are not only using paid media, but also other sources such as social media as part of their marketing strategies.

Some aspects of digital marketing can be extremely powerful yet cost-effective. Social media is a good example of this, and here at Spitfire we have seen huge success from social media campaigns. Our McDonalds ‘flick rugby’ Facebook campaign added over 6000 new fans to the McDonalds NZ Facebook page with this unique and entertaining idea from Spitfire.

How Much Should I be Spending?
Australia was globally the fourth biggest market in terms of digital spend in the first half of this year, spending a whopping 43.3% of their budget online which is testament to how effective online marketing can be (1) . In Australia, when compared to other spending areas, digital is second only to TV.

What Should I be spending on?
The latest trends in marketing are be based around digital strategy, email marketing, social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as these appear to be the most effective aspects. Here are how many businesses are concentrating their digital marketing budget at the moment:

Strategy – It’s important to understand the market, the challenges, the opportunities, your competitors and define goals to run a successful campaign. We use our knowledge and experience to set out KPI’s and develop a digital strategy to ensure that a campaign is truly successful for you.

Mobile – As more and more people access the internet through their mobile phone or tablet, it is increasingly important that your website is optimised for mobile access. This is vital, not only for the ease and understanding of your website visitors, but you will also find yourself being penalised in the search engine rankings if you’re not mobile-friendly.

Email marketing – Lead generation can be used to create a database of people who can then be contacted through email. Email marketing still remains as one of the most popular and cost-effective channels for Digital marketing.

Video – Adapt TV and IAB video have found that companies are spending up to 37% extra on video this year. Video is a great media as it allows you to be creative, doesn’t require reading and can inspire better interaction with your customer base.

Research – The digital world is always changing, so make sure that you keep some budget aside to explore both new technology and to understand better where your target customer base is hanging out.

Apps – Apps are a great way to forge a more personal relationship between you and your customer. An app is perfect to ensure that your customers keep returning, and if your product allows it, here at Spitfire we thoroughly recommend creating an app with purpose and a return on your investment.

Big Data – No longer just a buzz word. Analytics or Big Data is the source of the truths we unravel to forge ahead with new strategies. We ensure your Digital assets and networks are being tracked from the outset and provide insights to optimise your campaigns and over game plan.

The key to successful digital marketing is to be seen and to engage with your audience. The figures speak for themselves, and this is why companies are increasingly dedicating more of their budget to digital marketing.

If you’re looking for a carefully crafted digital campaign to kick-start or boost your business online, get in touch with us at Spitfire and see your results rocket beyond recognition. You can check out the services that we provide.



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