Sometimes marketing is a bit like detective work, you have to follow leads in order to get results.

Lead generation allows businesses to gather contact information from potential customers and use it to communicate with them directly in the future.

It is essential to produce great content if you want to generate leads. Well thought out content builds trust in potential leads and gives your business the ability to develop a loyal customer base. Articles, blog posts, and social media are all great ways to make your website more visible, they can engage potential leads and educate them about your brand.

In the past fliers and letters were sent by snail mail to generate leads. This old school style of direct marketing has largely been overtaken by digital marketing. The digital sphere provides a whole world of opportunities to advertise to specific audiences. Banner ads / search engine results that link through to landing pages, webpage sign up forms, and email newsletters can all be used to generate new leads.

The most tried and tested form of lead generation is getting visitors to your site to sign up for a newsletter. You can use sub forms on websites, pop-ups, or a form at the end of a blog post to achieve this. Visitors who are interested in your product will sign up to receive news about sales and other promotions, giving you the opportunity to gather information about consumer behaviour.

Lead generation provides an opportunity to learn more about your audience; you can identify new leads, find the most-often read offers, and see which content has been shared. Lead generation also sheds light on the demographics that are purchasing your products; this kind of insight is invaluable to marketing. Take a look at this article about optimising landing pages if you want to know more about capturing leads.


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