User Experience Design

"Usable, friendly and intuitive design is at the core of all our work."


User experience is an integral part of the site planning or restructuring process. Spitfire Digital user experience is based on usability principles worked out from working on hundreds of digital projects. From databases to intranets to site structure, we love making your information work better.

Our user experience process is data-driven, either using your existing analytics or using the experience we have gleaned from studying business analytics at every stage of development. When conducting user experience research we bring a heuristic evaluation based on your goals, conducting user interviews with as many different participants or customers as possible. Plan user journeys, before dividing your information and site structure into a defined taxonomy. We make both recommendations and implement changes where necessary.

A good user experience analysis and implementation requires close interaction between the agency and the client. We relish the chance to get close to our client’s business and create the most simple, highest-converting user journey possible.

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