You wouldn’t take off in a plane without first being sure that it’s going where you want it to go, the same should be true for launching a new website or digital campaign. A/B testing is used to determine the effectiveness of a webpage by observing visitor behaviour on two different versions of the same page simultaneously. Version ‘A’ is usually the control and version ‘B’ is the new design. 50% of new visitors will see webpage ‘A’, whilst the other 50% will see webpage ‘B’.

A/B tests can be used to:

  • Discover how visitors respond to a call to action – how does the size, placement, and colour of a button effect the number of visitors who click through?
  • Determine which headlines and product descriptions illicit a response from the visitor.
  • Find out which layouts and designs achieve the desired actions from visitors.
  • Detect any issues with the webpage that lowers the conversion rate – e.g. the sign up form is too long.

The main advantage of A/B testing is that you can measure your webpage’s success based on whatever metrics take your fancy. For example, a business can test how many sales and sign ups occur on each webpage to make an informed decision on which to release to the public.

Reach out to the Spitfire crew for help using A/B testing in your next digital campaign. If you want more information about what customers look for in a webpage, check out this article on why people abandon their shopping carts.



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