"Spitfire is a full service Creative & Digital Agency."

spitfire services digital strategy

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and Strategy unites our entire team, drawing on decades of experience. Our strategic approach helps to grow your brand and revenue. Our digital strategy is always data driven and matched to your digital goals – set targets matched against timelines with deliverables. We thrive off these challenges and will help you understand what is realistic and achievable. Our online campaigns are sustainable with a focus on results and future growth.

Whether you are a start-up or a major corporate we are confident that our strategy could help you. Our team is flexible, dynamic and experienced at every stage of the online business process. Like everything we do, our work is transparent and helps to drive profits and maximise ROI.

spitfire services creative and design

Creative and design

We design things to work, to last, to perform. That’s why when we create something, a website, an app, emails, an infographic, or even an idea, we think about the ‘why’ before jumping to the ‘how’. This allows us to understand the objectives of each individual campaign before finding out what will work to achieve the necessary results. But, everything we create needs be useful, functional and engaging.

Our creative team works to both achieve results using industry best practice but also in a way that looks good, encourages a response and reflects your brand. Attention in the right places, from the right people.

spitfire services social media

Social Media

Social media forms a major part of our overall strategy, and we use a variety of social strategies to support our campaigns.

Good social media marketing is all about reaching your community and igniting conversation. Your customers should be able to share, engage, add content, converse and give ratings and recommendations of your content, services and products.

We advise clients on their social media and implement technical steps to guarantee maximum social media impact.

We create games and on-line promos that are devastatingly compulsive, grab attention and are highly engaging.

spitfire services content creation

Content Creation

The importance of engaging content has never been greater. Google algorithm updates increasingly reward pages with features such as social media integration, social bookmarking and integral video. Online video is a way to capture your audience and distinguish your brand. Spitfire creates a range of online and branded video.

We work closely with our clients to deliver exceptional quality video that matches their goals. Our web video production increases customer engagement, helps to educate your customers about your brands, communicates your business identity, lowers bounce rates, and increases conversions.

Web video production is a fantastic way to reach out for your target audience and fully engage them.  Smart companies are using video production in the race to capture visitor attention. We help to communicate a bold, upfront message to your clients with high impact video.

spitfire services user experience

User Experience

User experience is an integral part of the site planning or restructuring process. Spitfire Digital user experience is based on usability principles worked out from working on hundreds of digital projects. From databases to intranets to site structure, we love making your information work better.

Our user experience process is data-driven, either using your existing analytics or using the experience we have gleaned from studying business analytics at every stage of development. When conducting user experience research we bring a heuristic evaluation based on your goals, conducting user interviews with as many different participants or customers as possible. Plan user journeys, before dividing your information and site structure into a defined taxonomy. We make both recommendations and implement changes where necessary.

A good user experience analysis and implementation requires close interaction between the agency and the client. We relish the chance to get close to our client’s business and create the most simple, highest-converting user journey possible.

spitfire services email marketing

Email Marketing & Automation

We can manage your email marketing campaigns with marketing automation and streamline the process so sending is easy, secure and personalised. Our design team create an email template (that works on all browsers) to complement your branding so your customers will know it’s your newsletter.

We’ll work with you to create content, or tweak existing content, to engage your readers. And, of course, we’ll craft the right subject lines to keep it out of spam folders and test it to ensure it works well with a range of email clients.

If you want to manage the sending and segmentation we can help you with that too with our email marketing automation platforms.

Packaging Design

Have a product to take to market or want to refresh and invigorate and existing one? Our experience in designing consumer and commercial packaging expands FMCG through to Agri and Human Health. Our specialty being food and beverage packaging.

Print Production

Our design and production team can create and produce all of your brand and marketing collateral. With years of experience in print design and print production we create corporate stationery, direct mail, product brochures, flyers, annual reports, large format display posters and signage.

We specialise in both offset and digital printing, large and small run.

spitfire services media planning and buying

Media Planning & Buying

Working with our media partners to plan and buy media we are able to offer a fully integrated and accredited communication solution. These media include television, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, buses, bus-shelters, online, mail drop, and various niche media that we evaluate on a case by case basis.

We have the full suite of Nielsen research product plus TVMAP, which is a state of the art television planning and competitive expenditure tool.

The strategic relationship we have delivers a highly efficient agency model for advertisers ensuring access and input of top strategic media thinking on an as needs basis.

spitfire services apps mobile


Mobile application development is one of the core services offered by Spitfire Digital. We work directly with customers to create innovative, effective mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and other platforms like Android. Our development team build enterprise-level applications for a range of businesses.

Our application development is linked directly to your goals. With a clear strategy, we illustrate how an application will serve your audience and the respective goals it has to fulfil. We design a user interface and functionality to achieve your goals, planning a user journey and delivering in the development phase ahead of expectations.

Spitfire tests all mobile applications before release. We are happy to help market, maintain and provide analytics insight for your mobile application. Our development team has worked with both large and small clients to deliver full-cycle applications to budget and ahead of time.

spitfire services website development

Website Development

Whatever technology we employ, we thrive on breaking down a user journey, translating our design into the most efficient and simple experience for your audience. We pride ourselves on hitting design deadlines and exceeding client expectations.

We tailor our web design and development services to your precise business goals, working closely with you at every stage of design and development. From launch, our sites are well-optimised, user efficient and designed to achieve your goals. We’ve developed applications for websites, for mobile and for social.

Like every Spitfire Digital project, you are given a director–level account manager who ensures that all deadlines are hit and the development process is conducted in an agile, flexible fashion.

spitfire services search engine marketing optimisation

Search Engine Marketing (Seo / Sem)

Our strategy is simple and transparent. We meet you and assess your SEO/SEM goals and timeline expectations. We plan a campaign in detail, review your analytics and your competitors, assess your keyword potential and compile a database of link opportunities.

First, we sort your on-page optimisation, removing all barriers to search engine spiders. Then we provide you with a monthly package that includes high quality articles and content, infographics for link-baiting, social backlinking, natural link building and social media management for SEO impact. We believe that oversight is the key to a successful relationship – we provide detailed monthly reports and hold regular status meetings. For our SEM clients we define objectives, budget set up and ongoing optimization.

spitfire creative services analytics


Understanding your analytics data is essential for any business with a digital presence. Your analytics let you see how users are experiencing your digital assets. Spitfire Digital is uniquely qualified to install and interpret analytics data. We ensure your data is perfect and give you the insight necessary to understand it.

Using ex-Google analytics consultants, Spitfire Digital provides a range of analytics services. These include analytics installation, analytics consultation and conversion optimisation. Our team provides unique insight into making your data work to help your business and realise goals.

Attributing your goals to specific activity, tracking conversions and sales, and optimising your site to improve sales performance are the core of what we do.

Insights & Research

We gather information about current market trends, competitor movements, target demographics, and consumer spending habits so we can find the best ways to increase your brand’s performance.

The knowledge gathered from our insights and research allows us to develop insights into the most effective marketing methods for your company. We work with your business to create successful marketing campaigns that meet the needs of your customers and deliver the ROI you expect.